Pyronix Enforcer 64 Alarm System Wireless Kit – Made in UK

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• Enforcer all-in-one two-way wireless control panel – Made in UK
• Maximum total zones 66 – Transmission range: 1.6km in open space
– 32 wireless zones expandable to 64
– 2 wired zones expandable to 34
• 3 programmable wired outputs expandable to 38
• 75 user codes, 32 wireless keyfobs with individual user ID
• Wide range of two-way wireless peripherals available
• Built-in proximity reader (set/unset with tag)
• 4 level sets or 4 independent areas
• Customisable push notifications
• Complies with EN50131-1 Security Grade 2, Environmental Class II
• 2 Years Warranty


Control panel technical characteristics

Two-way wireless technology Yes
Independent areas 4
Part sets 4
Tamper protection Front and rear
User codes and prox tags 80
Signalling protocols Contact ID IP, Contact ID, SIA IP, SIA3, Fast Format IP, Fast Format and SMS
System logs 750

Enforcer two-way wireless technology

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) Yes
Instant two way device control (ITDC) Yes
Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE) Yes
Pyronix intelligent jamming detection Yes
Programmable wireless supervision time Yes
868MHz transceiver FM technology Yes
Tranmission method Fully encrypted rolling code
Transmission range 1.6km in open space

Inputs & outputs

Input type Wireless and wired
Two-way wireless inputs 32 expandable to 64
Onboard wired inputs 2
Total inputs 66
Outputs on board 2
Output modules 1
Maximum outputs 38
Two-way wireless keyfobs 32
Two-way wireless sirens 2
Wired keypads 3
Readers and entry control 3

Communications and modems

Modem type (included) DIGI-GPRS
GPRS modem (optional) Yes
LAN modem (optional) Yes
WiFi modem (optional) Yes
Supports PyronixCloud & HomeControl+ App Yes

Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature -20C to +60C
Certified operating temperature -10C to +40C
Nominal operating temperature -10C to +40C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D) 160 x 220 x 60mm
Weight 1025g

Electrical & battery

Battery type NiMH 8 cell 2200mAh rechargeable battery
Battery voltage 12.71V (with no mains and battery fully charged)
Low battery threshold 8.9V
Mains supply 230V AC -15/+10%
Operating voltage 90 – 264V AC
Supply current 222 – 75 mA

Resistance (wired inputs)

Normal 3k7 or 8k3
Intruder 8k4 to 10k2
Tamper <3k7 or >23k

Certifications and warranty

Security Grade Grade 2
Environmental class II
EN Certificate EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009 | EN50131-3:2009 | EN50131-6:2008 | EN50131-5-3:2005+A1:2008 | PD6662:2010
Certification type IMQ
Certificate number CA12.01328
Electrical conformity CE
Warranty 2 years

Catalogues and Flyers

Enforcer 64 Datasheet

Installation Manuals

Enforcer 64 Installation Guide AM

User Manuals

Enforcer 64 User Guide AM

Product Compliance Certificate

Enforcer 64 Declaration Conformity (Pyr066 Issue 3)

Category Line Default Warranty Period(Month)
Analog cameras Analog cameras 24
DVR 7 Series DVR 24
89 Series DVR 36
Board 24
Hilook Hilook 12
IP cameras (IPC) 1 Series IPC 12
2 Series IPC 24
4/5/7/8 Series IPC 36
6 series IPC 36
Zoom camera/zoom camera module 36
Speed dome AE/DE Series speed dome 24
AF/DF Series speed dome 36
PTZ 36
Anti-corrosion/anti-explosion 36
Thermal imaging Thermal imaging 36
NVR 7 Series NVR 24
89 Series NVR 36
Hilook Hilook 12
Large screen LCD 12
LED 12
DLP 12
Displayer (≤24 inches) 12
Displayer (>24 inches) 12
Interactive display 12
Information release screen 12
Control Integrated platform 24
Decoder 36
Video wall controller 36
Transmission Optical transceiver/switch 24
Transmission cable 60
All-in-one server Blazer 36
Storage SAN 36
Data center Data center 24
Universal server 36
Intelligent transportation system Traffic cameras 24
Supplement light and auxiliary 24
Traffic server 24
Signal control 24
Mobile Mobile 24
Portable terminal PVR system 24
Portable speed dome 24
Body camera 24
Others 24
Entrance & exit Entrance & exit 24
Parking lot 24
Access control Access controller 24
Access control terminal 24
Card reader 24
Card issuer /card enrollment station 24
Access Portal 12
Lock Smart lock 12
Intercom Video intercom 24
Alarm Emergency alarm 24
Auto-alarm(excluding Pyronix) 36
Consumer storage device – portable storage M100 Series 12
Portable T100 Series 36
Consumer storage device – NAS W100 Series 12
H100 Series Device: 24

HDD/SSD:  36

Consumer SSD E100, E100N/E1000N Series 36 or SSD lifespan, whichever occurs first.
Enterprise SSD S100, S200 Series 36 or SSD lifespan, whichever occurs first.
Surveillance SSD V100/V200 Series 36 or SSD lifespan, whichever occurs first.
Consumer memory card E1/E10 Series 84 or memory card lifespan, whichever occurs first.
Surveillance memory card H1, L1/L2, H10 Series 24 or memory card lifespan, whichever occurs first.
EZVIZ All Series 12 Months


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